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1. Introduction

Rachel Podger, Rosary Sonata nr. 16 Passacaglia (‘The Guardian Angel’) of Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber. Recorded @ Bimhuis Amsterdam.

Time Travel Through MusicPhilharmonia Baroque Orchestra and Chorale, San Francisco, CA, USA

What if you could travel back in time to experience see and hear what life was like 300 years ago? Music can do just that.

2. Bach Specialist

Nederlandse Bachvereniging (1921-)  Youtube & All of Bach Project

Karl Richter (1926-1981)

Gustav Leonhardt (1928-2012) Wiki-NlEnDe  Youtube  Interview and Leonhardt-Consort  (1954-?)  Youtube

Helmuth Rilling (1933-) and Bach-Collegium Stuttgart (1965-)  Wiki-En  Youtube

John Eliot Gardiner (1943-) and Monteverdi Choir (1964-), English Baroque Soloists (1978-), Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique (1990-) Youtube

Ton Koopman (1944-) and Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra (1979-) & Choir (1992-)  Youtube

Maasaki Suzuki (1954-) and Bach Collegium Japan (1990-)  Youtube

3. Netherlands & Belgium

Nederlandse Bachvereniging (Netherlands Bach Society, 1921-)  Youtube & All of Bach Project

Jaap Schröder (1925-) and Concerto Amsterdam (1960-)  (was Faculty at CvA)  Wiki-En Nl Bio

Gustav Leonhardt (1928-2012) and Leonhardt-Consort  (1954-)  (was Faculty at CvA)  Wiki-NlEnDe Youtube  Youtube2  Interview

Marie Leonhardt (1928-) and ensemble Baroque de Mateus (ca.1990-?)  Wiki-DeFr  Youtube

Anner Bijlsma(or Bylsma) (1934-)  Wiki-Nl, En  Youtube

Frans Brüggen (1934-2014), Lucy van Dael (1946-) and Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century (1981-)  Youtube

Sigiswald Kuijken (1944-) and La Petite Bande (1972-)  (was Faculty at KonCon, KCBYoutube  Youtube2

Ton Koopman (1944-) and Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra (1979-) & Choir (1992-)  Youtube

Lucy van Dael (1946-) and Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century (was Faculty at CvA & KonCon)

Philippe Herreweghe (1947-) and Collegium Vocale Gent (1970-)  Youtube

Jacques Ogg (1948-) – Harpsichordist and Fortepianist  (under Gustav Leonhardt) (Faculty at KonCon) (with Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century)

Bachkoor Holland (1983-)  Youtube

Marcel Ponseele (1957-), Jan De Winne (1962-) and Baroque Ensemble Il Gardellino (1988-) Youtube1  Youtube2

Barokensemble Eik en Linde (2000-)

Holland Baroque (Society) (2005-)

Claudio Ribeiro (1976-) and Collegium Musicum Den Haag (CMDH) (2006-)

Antoinette Lohmann (1969-, Faculty at CvA) and  Furor Musicus (2008-) (under Lucy van Dael, Jaap Schröder in CvA)

Johannes Leertouwer (1959-, Faculty at CvA) and Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht (2009-)

4. UK

Mary Potts (1905 – 1982) – Harpsichordist

Neville Marriner(1924-2016), Joshua Bell (1967-) and Academy of St Martin in the Fields (1958-)

Christopher Hogwood (1941-2014), Richard Egarr (1963-) and Academy of Ancient Music (1973-)  Youtube

David Munrow (1942-76)

John Eliot Gardiner (1943-) and Monteverdi Choir (1964-), English Baroque Soloists (1978-), Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique (1990-)  Youtube

Trevor Pinnock (1946-) and the English Concert (1973-)

Caroline Brown and the Hanover Band (1980-)

Monica Huggett (1953-) and Trio Sonnerie (1982-)  (under Sigiswald Kuijken in RAM)  (was Faculty at Royal Academy of Music)  (with Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, Academy of Ancient Music, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment)    Youtube

Walter Reiter  (Faculty at KonCon)

Laurence Cummings  (Faculty at RAM)    Youtube  (with English Concert, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment)

Margaret Faultless  (Faculty at RAM & CAM)  (with Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, European Union Baroque Orchestra)  Youtube

European Union Baroque Orchestra (1985-)  Youtube

Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (1986-)  Youtube

Andrew Manze (1965-)  Wiki-En  Youtube 

Ashley Solomon (1968-) and Florilegium (1991-)   (Faculty at RCMYoutube

Rachel Podger (1968-) and Brecon Baroque (2007-)  (Faculty at RAM)  Youtube

Kati Debretzeni  (Faculty at KonCon)  Youtube  (under Catherine Mackintosh and Walter Reiter) (with English Baroque Soloists, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment)

Matthew Halls  Youtube

Irish Baroque Orchestra (1996-)

5. Germany, Austria & Scandinavia

Karl Richter (1926-1981)

Nikolaus Harnoncourt (1929-2016) and Concentus Musicus Wien (1953-)  Youtube

Helmuth Rilling (1933-) and Bach-Collegium Stuttgart (1965-)  Wiki-En  Youtube

Reinhard Goebel (1952-) and Musica Antiqua Köln (1973-2007)

Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin (1982-)

Concerto Köln (1985-)

Barokkanerne (1989-), Oslo, Norway  Youtube

6. Spain, Italia & France

Jordi Savall (1941-) and ensembles Hespèrion XXI (1974-)  Youtube1  Youtube2

William Christie (1944-) and Les Arts Florissants (1979-)

Benjamin Bagby (1950-) and Sequentia (1977-): Ensemble for Medieval Music  Wiki1 Wiki2

Enrico Gatti (1955-) and Ensemble Aurora (1986-)  (Faculty at KonCon)  (under Sigiswald Kuijken)

Fabio Biondi (1961-) and Europa Galante (1990-)

Barry Sargent, Ventura Rico, Pedro Gandía Martín and Seville Baroque Orchestra (1995-)

7. Japan

Masaaki Suzuki(1954-) and Bach Collegium Japan (1990-)  Youtube

Ryo Terakado (1961-)  (Faculty at KonCon)  Youtube  Disc (under Sigiswald Kuijken) (with Il Gardellino)

Sayuri Yamagata  (Faculty at CvA)  (under Lucy van Dael)  (with Nederlandse Bachvereniging, Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century)

Shunske Sato (1984-)  (Faculty at CvA) (with Nederlandse Bachvereniging)

8. USA & Canada

Bach Choir of Bethlehem (1898-), Bethlehem, PA, USA

Smithsonian Chamber Music Society (SCMS, 1976-)

Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra (1979-) and Chamber Choir (1981-), Toronto, ON, Canada

Nicholas McGegan (1950-, England) & Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra (1981-) and Chorale(1995-), San Francisco, CA, USA

Voices of Music  Youtube  –  Early Music Ensemble, San Francisco, CA, USA

Monica Huggett (1953-, London) and Portland Baroque Orchestra  (under Sigiswald Kuijken in RAM) (was Faculty at Juilliard, New York, NY, USAJuilliard415  Youtube

Marilyn McDonald  (Faculty at Oberlin Conservatory)  (with Smithson Quartet, Castle Trio,  Axelrod String Quartet)

Jeffrey Thomas and American Bach Soloists (1989-)

Robert Mealy  (Faculty at Juilliard)

Cynthia Roberts  (Faculty at Juilliard)

Tempesta di Mare (Philadelphia Baroque Orchestra, 1996-) Philadelphia, PA, USA

Lyra Baroque Orchestra (2000?-), St. Paul, MN, USA (with Jacques Ogg)

9. Korea

Seoul Motet Choir (1989-)

Jin Kim and Musica Glorifica (2002-) (under Sigiswald Kuijken)

Seung-Hee Park and Bach Solisten Seoul (2005-), Collegium Vocale Seoul (2007-)  Youtube1 Youtube2 (cooperation with Masaaki Suzuki and Ryo Terakado)

Jiyoung Kim and Camerata Antiqua Seoul (2006-)

Bach Collegium Corea(2006-)

Hyojung Kang and Alte Musik Seoul (2008-)

Sunhae Im (1976-)  – Soprano  Bio  Interview  Youtube  Bach-Weihnachtsoratorium BWV 248 (1) (2), 13 december 2014, Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Sungyun Cho – Harpsichordist (under Jacques Ogg in KonCon) (with Il Gardellino)  Youtube  Youtube2

10. Festival

Leipzig Bach Festival (1904-) and Leipzig International J.S. Bach Competition (Piano/ Harpsichord/ Violin, Baroque violin – 2018, Organ/ Violoncello, Baroque Violoncello/ Voice – 2020), Leipzig, Germany in mid June

Bethlehem Bach Festival (1908-), Bethlehem, PA, USA in May

Göttingen Händel Festival (1920-) & Competition

Carmel Bach Festival (CBF, 1935-), Carmel, CA, USA

Early Music Festival in Bruges (Musica Antiqua festival Brugge) and International Competition (1964-), Bruges, Belgium in early & mid August

Oregon Bach Festival (1970-), Eugene, OR, USA in late June and early July (with Helmuth Rilling, Matthew Halls)

Music before 1800 (1975-), New York, NY, USA

York Early Music Festival (1977-) & International Young Artists Competition (1985-, biannual)

Boston Early Music Festival (BEMF, 1980-), Boston, MA and New York, NY, USA between October and May

Utrecht Early Music Festival (1982-) and Internationaal Van Wassenaer Concours (1986-), Utrecht, Netherlands in late August en early september

Yamanashi Early Music Festival and International Competition (1987-), Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan in late April

TongYeong International Music Festival (TIMF, 2002-)  TongYeong, Korea in late March and early April

PyeongChang Music Festival (2004-)  PyeongChang, Korea in late July and early August

Chuncheon International Early Music Festival (2005-), Chuncheon, Korea

Brecon Baroque Festival (2006-), Brecon, UK in late October

Festival  Dans les Jardins de William Christie (2012-), Sainte-Hermine, Vendée, France in August

London Festival of Baroque Music (2015-), London, UK in mid May

(cf. World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC, 1957-))

Nederlands Vioolconcours

11. University

Early Music at Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Early Music at Royal Conservatoire, Hague, Netherlands

Historical Performance Department of HKU Utrechts Conservatorium, Utrecht, Netherlands

Historical Instruments at Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Brussel, Belgium

Historical Performance at Royal Academy of Music, London, UK

Historical Performance at Royal College of Music, London, UK

Historical Performance at the Juilliard School, New York, NY, USA

Historical Performance Institute(HPI, 1980-) & Early Music Department at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA  (cf. Journal Historical Performance & Annual Conference in May)

Historical Performance at Oberlin Conservatory of Music (1865-), Oberlin, OH, USA (cf. Baroque Performance Institute: two-weeks Summer Program)

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cf. Wiki – List of Early Music Ensembles

Baroque (1600-1750) Music Grids